3D Printing Technology in Printing Metal Parts

According to the traditional method for manufacturing of aircraft parts and other high-end metal parts made by steel mill, first use large-scale casting equipment, and then forging at high-temperature for making it durable. Today, there is another approach. By using China's casting and forging 3D printing technology, you can make part edge printing while forging.The technology has successfully produced the world's first 3D printing forgings.

In modern manufacturing, high-end metal parts are manufactured by first casting, re-forging, and post-milling. However, this method has the drawbacks of long process flow, repeated heating energy consumption, heavy pollution and the like, and it can not produce multi-functional parts such as Aeroengine integral turbine.

In the traditional casting and forging technology, the metal parts produced by casting equipment and forming at once, and then forging by forging machine, it can not be casted while forging, but 3D printer has changed all this, It allows parts to be forged while printing.

It is reported that this technology is now able to print up to 2.2 meters,weighing about 260 kilograms of high-performance metal forgings. Existing equipment has been printed out 8 kinds of metal materials , such as aircraft with titanium, marine dive, nuclear power, steel produced by smelter and etc.

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