About us

Beijing Bimelt Metallurgical Co.,Ltd was established in 1986, the professional manufacturer of metallurgical equipment. We have multiple core technologies of green metallurgy with features of energy-saving and emission reduction, and the qualification of designing, contracting and installation of pig iron, ferronickel, ferromanganese smelting blast furnace of 20~ 550m³, auxiliary sintering machine, coal powder injection system, pellet shaft furnace, lime kiln, etc. The service range includes fabrication of non-standard steel structure, construction of industrial kilns refractory materials, technical training and consulting, export trade. Our company is dedicated to supply the best service and equipment for clients, and we welcome the clients to visit our factory and promote the cooperation relationship.  

Business scope:

Design, manufacture and installation of pig iron, ferronickel, ferromanganese smelting blast furnace of 20~ 550m³, auxiliary sinter plant, hot air stove, coal powder injection system, pellet shaft furnace, lime kiln, etc., and copper smelting air blast furnace, rotary kiln and PS converter from raw copper sulphide and copper oxide ore to blister copper.

The features of equipment:

1、Blast furnace

Our designed furnace type is applicable to the improvement of smelting condition, the quality of raw material, which has the advantages of high capacity and non-accretion

The simple and practical structure of blast furnace, gravity dust collector and hot air furnace reduce the cost of construction.

2、Sintering machine

The sintering machine is the auxiliary equipment for blast furnace or electric arc furnace production, the proportioned mineral powder, coke powder and lime powder above the grate of sintering machine are ignited by the device on the mixed materials, then exhausted by the wind chamber under grate, the produced liquid state powder because of coke powder burning will bond to lump, and enter into blast furnace after crushing and screening.

There are four types of sintering machines: box-type sintering machine, circular type sintering machine, stepping sintering machine and belt type sintering machine.

1)Box type sintering machine is usually applicable for the production of blast furnace under 60 m³, the advantages are low investment, short construction period, the disadvantages are high air leakage rate, low sintering rate, the general sintering rate is 65~70%, poor production environment, high intensity of labor cost.  

2) Circular type sintering machine is usually used for the blast furnace under 200m³, the advantages are high performance cost ratio, short construction period, convenient for dust removal and crushing treatment, compared with box type sintering type, the air leakage ratio is improved at some degree, the production environment and the labor intensity of workers also get well improved, the sintering ratio usually can achieve 70~80%.

3)Stepping sintering machine is simplified belt type sintering machine, compared with part of trolley structure of belt type sintering machine, it lacks the lower half part of belt sintering machine, this will lower the equipment height, the construction investment will be less. This type of sintering machine is usually used for the blast furnace under 380m³ capacity, the sintering ratio is about 85% , and compared with box type and circular type sintering , it has high automatic degree, low labor intensity, better production environment. The investment is about 2 times of circular type sintering machine.

4) Belt type sintering machine is the most widely used model, it technology is comparatively mature and complete, the sintering rate, automation, energy consumption, environmental protection system are much better than other sintering machines, but the disadvantages are high investment, long construction period.      

The sintering part is composed of batch bin (mineral powder stock bin, coke stock bin, limestone stock bin, return material stock bin), material mixing system, belt conveyor, sintering machine, gravity dust collector, cyclone dust collector, exhaust fan system, etc.

3、Lime kiln

As an indispensable material of blast furnace production, the function of lime is to form ternary alkalinity with silicon dioxide, iron trioxide, it will reduce the fusion point of iron and also used for desulfuration. The lime kiln has shaft kiln, rotary kiln, myers kiln, etc. At present, the most widely used type include shaft kiln and rotary kiln, and the cost performance of shaft furnace is highest. Calcined lime have coal fired and gas fired types, the gas consumption is about 1600~1900m³per month for one ton output of lime.

4、Coal powder injection system

The coal powder injection system is revolutionary measure for iron smelting industry, its application not only can drastically reduce the coke ratio, but also cost of raw material, it is also an efficient way to adjust furnace condition, and increase the reducing capacity and work condition of furnace hearth.

In recent years, the technology of coal powder injection system has developed quickly, because the coke price for iron smelting soar up, this technology has been accepted by medium and small iron smelting plant. Compared with large blast furnace, the effect of injection system is more significant for small blast furnace. The replacement ratio of injection system for large blast furnace is about 0.8, but for small blast furnace it can achieve about 0.9~1.0, after coal powder injection process, the increase of pressure difference of large blast furnace is obvious than small blast furnace, it works also to the air permeability of blast furnace.